Product HIT
Imatek IM10

A highly versatile range of drop weight impact testers for performing a wide range of medium energy tests on materials, specimens and end products of various geometry.

Key features:

  • Laboratory grade instrumentation and very rigid construction for highest accuracy test results.
  • Guided mass system to ensure that the impact geometry is correct throughout the test.
  • Highly accurate and repeatable drop parameters.
  • Very robust construction stands up to the rigours of dynamic testing to provide high reliability with a minimum of downtime.
  • Easily interchangeable contact parts simplify maintenance and reduce cost of ownership.
  • Very high levels of safety employing multiple redundant systems, compliant with 89/392/EEC and 91/368/EEC machinery safety directives.
  • High quality, easy to use control and analysis software ensures consistency and enhances throughput.
  • Simple service requirements of single phase mains electricity and compressed air reduce installation costs.
  • Multiple impact facility for fatigue testing.
  • Wide range of strikers, anvils, fixtures and jigs available for standard test geometries, and for custom testing.
  • Optional sample strippers for extracting striker from tough ductile specimens.
  • Optional second impact prevention system for non-penetrating tests.
  • Optional high velocity impact option for impact velocities up to 20m/s.
  • Optional dynamic displacement measurement system for direct measurement of the sample deformation.
  • Optional high speed, fully integrated video system to provide visualization of specimen failure mode.
  • Optional temperature conditioning chamber, -70C to +150C.
  • Responsive life-time technical support.