Materials testing - accuracy, reliability, safety

Welcome to the Imatek website. Imatek is a leading manufacturer of materials testing equipment primarily in the fields of impact testing and polymer melt rheology.

Our Impact Testers, Drop Weight Testers, Drop Weight Tear Testers (DWTT) and Rheometers are used all over the world to test the properties of materials, components and assemblies in industries such as aerospace, polymer processing, steel production, automotive and academic research.

A major feature of the Imatek range is the high-quality instrumentation and analysis software fitted to all systems that provides detailed information, both graphical and tabular, for the specimen undergoing test.

If you are looking to understand, refine and control your manufacturing process, if you need to assure and verify the quality of your product or if you need reliable data on your specialist material, then take a look at the Impact, Drop Weight and Rheology testing products we have to offer.

Imatek. Impact, Drop Weight and Rheology testing at it’s best…